A think tank and governance reform Institute for India

IPI is a think tank started in 1998 and re-registered in 2021, to promote good public policy and governance in India.


Pankaj Das, President and Founder (daspankaj01@gmail.com)
Manoj Kumar Talukdar, Director
Jintu Kumar Sharma, Director and Secretary
Sanjeev Sabhlok, Executive Director (sabhlok@gmail.com)


Some of the historical activities of IPI since 1998 are listed here.

Recently, IPI has been focused on spreading the message of good policy to Assam, e.g. this video.

On 23 October 2022, IPI organised a panel discussion in Guwahati on how regulations impact economic welfare. Details here.

Donations exempt from income tax

IPI received approval from Income Tax Department on 28 October 2022 for donations to be exempt from income tax, valid for four years.