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Gujarat and accountability (contd...)

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


With due respect to the possibility of ISI involvement suggested 
by Dr. Roy , I feel that it is not easy to mobilize 2000 people 
and still remain behind the veils. The issue of external 
involvement has been exagerrated by the media. If indeed ISI was 
involved, why has the government not shown enthusiasm about 
putting pressure on Pakistan the way it did after December 13. All 
the media propaganda about ISI's involvement in the matter, to me, 
appears to be more of a political move to shed off the 
responsibility by the government. While it makes a good 
international politics, it may not be right for us to allow the 
politicians to get away easily by citing ISI involvement, which, 
anyways, hardly comes under our sphere of influence. Our surmise 
of ISI's involvement in India's internal problem has become too 
trite to invite credible attention.

Nevertheless, the politicians must, certainly, be grilled to death 
about irresponsibility in maintaining the law and order 

Kartik has raised a very valid question: Whether the judicial 
system can provide long lasting solution? Recently VHP gave 
indications of abiding by the court decision. Dr. Roy, you might 
want to throw some light on that too. If not, what do you think 
could be an alternative? Do you agree with the kind of solution 
Ashish proposed (maintaining weapons for personal protection) in 
one of his posts?


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