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Re: Rule of Mob: You Get what you vote for

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Very well said Krisnan.  I was wondering through all these great
deliberations about who will say the real thing.  That's exactly where the
problem lies  Us and us.  Every people get the government they deserve.  We
need to do look a lot longer in the mirror before we say another word
criticizing others.

Having said that however, it is also true, as Jefferson said, that the
government has a duty and obligation to educate and lead people and
establish and enforce laws to save us from our baser instincts.  Nations
have produced George Washington, Churchill and our Netaji Subhas Chandra
Bose who have led a dispirited and scared people to new horizons  by their
sheer power of leadership and vision and courage.  Even though they are a
representative of their people and a product of their times,  they had
something extra,  a moral strength that people needed and when found in
these people, followed them naturally.

I do not know what needs to happen to produce a similar leadership again in
our country.  And when I see pictures of people prostrating before JayLalita
as if she is the Mother India, I grow pessimistic about it ever being a
reality.   But on the flip side, as evidenced by the participation of many
fine people in these debates, and through certain recent people interactions
that I  recently had over a period of six weeks in India,  it is also true
there are many genuine patriots and social managers among us as well and are
itching to do something.  Why can't we harness these energies and produce a
group of people to usher a new beginning.  Or is it too romantic to think
of?  Wasn't it an original purpose of the IPI Manifesto to prepare it and
present it to the people of India as a new front?

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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> IPI_Marker
> Everybody blames the politicians for ineffective corrupt rule, but what
> about the people who elect them?. Aren't they also responsible?.
> People elect candidates based on caste, religion, and other considerations
> than on  merit, but expect miracles from these same politicians.. You
> make a criminal illiterate goonda to solve the traffic problem, (forget
> about planning for the future of the country).
> Democracy places responsibility on people to keep constant vigil on the
> politicians and bureaucrats. But do people do it?, if they can get the job
> done by bribing some one, they will do it.
> Just because people made this great sacrifice by standing in the line and
> voting for a criminal, they want free electricity, subsidized water,
> education etc., etc., but majority of our country men don't even bother to
> pay Taxes..
> Indian People are myopic morons. They don't have the guts to stand for
> is right, or to make a living on a honest way. Rule of the mob is
> expected, and tolerated, if the going gets tough, they will blame everyone
> except themselves, and go into pessimistic downhill.
> You get what you vote for, So shut up and take it. You have yourself to
> blame.

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