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Re: Gujarat and Accountability

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


> Dr. Roy,
> Could you share your views on Gujarat with us? Specifically, what role the
> government should play, whether the judicial system can provide a lasting
> resolution to the issue, and more generally on the minority/majority
> Thanks,
> Kartik Ramachandran

 My present questions on Gujarat are as follows:

(a)  why is there not a vote of no confidence in the Gujarat Assembly?
(b) where are the numbers in tbe Assembly?
(c) who is the Governor?  what has he/she been up to?
(d) is there any serious inquiry starting of possible agent provocateur
instigation by the ISI ?
(it is a classic agent provocateur possibility.... distracting the world
from Daniel Pearl etc across the border)

I should have liked to see the Minister in charge of law and order in the
State quit or be sacked.

Subroto Roy

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