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spamming on IPI....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Why should we lower ourselves....let us just ignore these people so they
find a online chat elsewhere....Guru, Tirumala_Bh, et al don't deserve our
time no matter how many different IDs they have on the net!  If I happened
to be moderating and I see these kinds of messages then I'll throw them

Vamsi M.

> Ritu wrote:
> >What embarrasses me as an Indian is that we have the so called the Indian
> >intellectuals who are so dependent on their "masters" from America and
> >elsewhere to follow their thinking - yet they preach of the so called
> >"Indian struggle" as if it is something they have thought on their own.
> >The
> >moderator has brought this up before and now a professor from IIT.  Where
> >would India be without such "original" thinkers?
> I have never considered myself thick but I can not figure out what you are
> trying to say in response to which part of Dr. Roy's mail.
> Could you please explain?
> Ritu
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