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Re: Gujarat tragedy - Solution - Legal Ownership of Weapons

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


In a message dated 3/6/02 2:33:51 AM Central Standard Time, 
ashish_hanwadikar@yahoo.com writes:

<< Q5)  Are there any working systems and what are the results?
 Ans) Yes, in US (Where else?). Here is the list of CATO's article on
 Gun ownership. Since, different states in US have different degrees of
 Gun ownership, those states with more restrictions on Gun ownerships
 have more crime rates than those that don't have any restrictions. In
 UK crime rate is very high because of tight Gun Control. >>

Even though crime rate is high in the U.K. violent crime is much less 
prevalent than in the U.S.

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