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Re: Ramayana

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


MV wrote:

>Most of us are anguished by the recent events, when
>100's of our fellow India's lost their lives.
>Sage Valmiki wrote Ramyayana in great anguish
>and it is worth reading what he wrote..... read the introduction
>The purpose Valmiki wrote Ramayana will be fulfilled when
>majority of Indian's are able to read Ramayana...... and
>understand Valmiki's anguish....... It will be the end of
>the caste system and beginning of prosperous India.

But if people actually read our ancient founts of wisdom and thought them
over, we wouldn't have *any* problems. It would be a lovely world we'll live
in then. However, the bitter reality is that most people are content to let
others do their thinking for them. So we have the middle-men who decide what
certain words mean - words like Hindu, Hinduism, patriotism, secularism etc.
These days the accepted definitions are getting wonky and need to be
You know what would be wonderful - someone challenging the 'Hindutva'
brigade to a shashtraarth, asking them to prove that their definition of
Hinduism is something more than easy propoganda to whip up a frenzy for
political gain.
You know what would be even more wonderful - a govt. that does its job and
ensures that religion is kept out of politics, that law and order is
maintained so that we all can go on with our lives.


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