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Re: Mr. Ashish should respect....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Hi Yogesh,

> Thanks Venkat,
> I am glad some people do respect the positions of
> our leaders. 
> It's a thankless job in India to attempt do good for
> the people, 
> as Nehru's example proved, but I have faith in the
> nobility of 
> some Indians that they are willing to rise above all
> criticism and 
> still do good for the country.

But why should one do good for the people?

> I agree with your ideas on "isms"; whether it is
> socialism, 
> capitalism or communism. India does need different
> solutions, as 
> you said. What is that? Let's discuss.

IMHO the people who club all these together as "isms"
dont know aything about any of these.
Speaking of socialism/communism as somehow morally
equivalent to capitalism shows, progressively 
1. total ignorance about true meaning of socialism or
2. Argument based on shaky moral
3. Lack understanding of what "morals" are and what
they achieve.

Hopefully it is just # 1.


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