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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Sure lets do it.
In my opinion this is a good budget.
We are seeing steps in the right direction - lifting
up of restrictions in core infrastructural areas,
lifting up restrinctions on money - especially from
NRIs - They are the people who will have the highest
interest in investing in India.

My only problem is that there is no talk of reduction
of govt size, no talk of making Indian Railways

Also we need more fast paced reforms in the labour
sector -which is shackled by laws and unions.

But I am really happy about the changes in other core
infrastructural areas.

> [Moderator]: thank you Mr. Dipen, I will pass on
> this message to the debate
> room.
> IPI_Marker
> Dear Moderator:
> I am surprised nobody here is talking about Indian
> Economics and its
> Budget?!!!
> dipen.

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