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Re: Gujarat tragedy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Hi Yogesh,

> All of us know that what really is behind the
> religious proclivity 
> of the political parties is Power Politics , whether
> it is 
> Congress or BJP. At tactical levels, their job is
> carried out by 
> the pressure groups such as VHP, SIMI, RSS etc.
> Talking about 
> finding solution to the problem, the solution has to
> come from the 
> people as was demonstrated in Ram-Rahim Nagar,
> Gujarat. 

I disagree that this solution has to come from people.
We will never be able to educate all of the people -
anywhere in the world to not get into these obviously
stupid endeavours.
The job of making sure that this does not happen is
the governments - and by that I mean all 3 wings of
the govt. 
Arguably the judiciary should have picked up where the
legislature and executive let us down. However even
the judiciary has failed to be unambiguous in
protecting property vis a vis these religeous bigots -
just look at what happened in the Archie's Gallery vs
Shiv sena case about Valentine's day.

> People 
> have to be morally educated, something that has to
> come from 
> within on individual basis, to know that they are
> being used. 
> Trust that a GENUINE sense of religious tolerance,
> even at 
> personal level, is very contagious and hence
> desirable. "Genuine" 
> is the keyword here. The day people realize that,
> the politicians 
> would have lost their "Ramshastra".
> So, instead of talking about blaming any political
> party for using 
> religious sentiments, because they are going to do
> that as long as 
> we provide them opportunity to do so, let's move a
> step ahead and 
> involve into social education, whatever micro level
> it is possible 
> at. How many of you are willing to do that?

So what you are suggesting is that private initiative
should fill up where the govt has failed.
To what other areas should this apply? all?
What do we need the govt for then?

In my opinion we really dont need the govt to the
extent that it is today in India - the ideal would be
as limited govt as envisaged in the US constitution
(which BTW has been completely ravaged in the US
itself). Private initiative should go into govt
reforms and solve the problem at it's root.

Govt should protect private property and hence liberty
and hence life irrespective of the threat.

Isnt this another manifestation of this one basic
failure of Indian government system?

Why should a person give up his ambitions, his life to
go teach people religious tolerance?


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