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Re: Gujarat and Accountability

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Dr. Roy,
I agree that politicians have shown disrespect for the lost lives 
by remaining in power. But then, what will be achieved by the 
resignation of present government? Is President's rule going to 
solve the problem from its root? Or is new government going to be 
any better? I think it's a mass-psyche-problem to be solved by 
people themselves. It is, indeed, unfortunate that elected 
representatives "of" the people are not "for" the people. But how 
long are we going to throw our responsibilities onto a handful of 
people and lead a life of indolence and indifference?

As regards Arundhati, I agree that she might have selfish motives 
behind her "altrusitic" actions. But we must not forget that it is 
celebrities like her that put governments under pressure. It's 
same as Bacchhan-trick in U.P. elections. Celebrity status does 
matter. So, whatever her intentions, advertently or inadvertently, 
she is doing something that, in a democracy, people with ability 
for reasoning should do. And she is a resident of Delhi. That 
explains why she performed candle-light vigil in Delhi. I would 
not be surprised if you did the same where you live. Then why 
grudge if someone is a celebrity? I know it hurts good people to 
see someone attempting to use such grave incidents to personal 
benefit. But there is some action, at least, as opposed to 
mass-indolence in India accumulated over years.


On Mon, 04 Mar 2002 Dr. Subroto Roy wrote :
>Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and 
>propagate it!
>What appalls me about what has happened in Gujarat is that no 
>figure, either in the State let aside the Union, has taken 
>responsibility for what was allowed to happen, and quit.    
>they cling to power.
>Almost equally off-putting is the pic of the insufferable 
>Arundhati Roy
>looking pertly at the camera in the middle of the front page of 
>Times of India as she holds a "candlelight vigil" in Delhi for 
>Subroto Roy

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