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Re: Gujarat and Accountability

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Dr. Subroto Roy wrote:

>What appalls me about what has happened in Gujarat is that no Government
>figure, either in the State let aside the Union, has taken moral
>responsibility for what was allowed to happen, and quit.    Shamelessly,
>they cling to power.

A very valid point. Also, forget about resigning, I have heard nobody
mention anything about the action that would be taken against those who
perpetrated the gruesome acts. The CM of Gujarat blames it on Newton's third
law, the PM is busy describing the carnage as a 'blot' on our faces [it is,
but really, that is hardly the point while chaos is going on] and Sunday
night was the first time the Home Minister bothered to state that the govt.
would ensure law and order for all. Pathetic, really. No mention of any
reprisals [except, of course, for those who started the carnage by attacking
the train], no mention of the role played by the police, not even an
explanation why the Union govt. waited 2 days before deploying the army. And
if that wasn't enough, Advani's statement on Saturday -
'77 people were killed in police firing. I don't see how you can complain
that the police is not doing its job.' - adds the final farcial touch to the
entire tragedy.
And this happens the day Sinha announces a 5% security surcharge.

>Almost equally off-putting is the pic of the insufferable Arundhati Roy
>looking pertly at the camera in the middle of the front page of today's
>Times of India as she holds a "candlelight vigil" in Delhi for Gujarat.

She is really beginning to come across a cause-vulture crossed with a


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