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Re: Gujarat tragedy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


All of us know that what really is behind the religious proclivity 
of the political parties is Power Politics , whether it is 
Congress or BJP. At tactical levels, their job is carried out by 
the pressure groups such as VHP, SIMI, RSS etc. Talking about 
finding solution to the problem, the solution has to come from the 
people as was demonstrated in Ram-Rahim Nagar, Gujarat. People 
have to be morally educated, something that has to come from 
within on individual basis, to know that they are being used. 
Trust that a GENUINE sense of religious tolerance, even at 
personal level, is very contagious and hence desirable. "Genuine" 
is the keyword here. The day people realize that, the politicians 
would have lost their "Ramshastra".

So, instead of talking about blaming any political party for using 
religious sentiments, because they are going to do that as long as 
we provide them opportunity to do so, let's move a step ahead and 
involve into social education, whatever micro level it is possible 
at. How many of you are willing to do that?


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