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RE: Gujarat tragedy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Mr. Dipen,
I never said that I thought my Dharma would be saved by building a Ram 
Temple.  Mr Dipen, why are you dragging the Ram Temple issue into this 
discussion on the Gujrat tragedy?  Why are you not expressing shock at the 
actions of those that torched the train, rather than blaming the VHP.

My point is that even if you think the VHP members are goondas, that is no 
excuse for killing them!  They are entitled to their views just as you are 
entitled to yours.  The people who "drew first blood" are the guilty party 
in this incident.  And the members of this forum need to come out and say 
so, rathen than justifying their murder.


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