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Re: Gujarat tragedy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!



I agree that the things you have mentioned deserve greater priority than
building a temple.  Of course, I agree that poverty is the single greatest
challenge facing the country.

However, I thought that in this discussion we were discussing the Gujrat
tragedy, that is the title of this thread.  I don't understand why so many
people are dragging the Ram Temple issue into THIS discussion on the the
Gujrat Tragedy.  Since everyone appears to be blaming the VHP and the Ram
Temple for the Gujrat tragedy, I can only assume that they are in some way
trying to justify the killing of kar sevaks by muslim activists.

I have no objection to disscusing the Ram Temple issue, as long as it is in
a separate thread.

With respect to the Gujrat tragedy, the event that triggered the spiral of
violence was the attack on kar sevaks by muslim activists.  Yet no one on
this forum seems to be acknowledging this.  More importantly, I would like
to know why no one has criticized the Congress Party for its blatant
one-sidedness.  The Congress Party remained silent when kar sevaks were
killed and then expressed moral outrage when the majority community

The members of this forum, at the very least, ought to acknowledge the
double standard of the Congress Party in reacting to the Gujrat tragedy.


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