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RE: Gujarat tragedy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Dear Mr.Raju:
I am sorry to say that your conception about secular and non-violent India
is not clear. You also like an average Indian have started talking politics
instead of understanding the fundamental problem of the Indian social
fabric. If you think your "Dharma" is saved by making one RAM TEMPLE then
let me tell you that you have not understood "Dharma" well also.

"Dharma" is:
1. Taking good & intelligent education during childhood
2. Taking care of parents, wife and chidren during adulthood and
3. Taking to the forest and retiring to spiritualism during fag end of

Dear Raju nowhere in Hindu mythology is written in order to protect the
above "Dharmas" you must build temples and kill those who do not believe in
your faith.

I fully agree that using minority communities sentiments is "CRIMINAL" for
gaining politically (as is done by say Congress / SP etc, according to you)
but tell me how much does the congregation like VHP, Bajrand Dal etc have
ever stated of peaceful "Dhyan" of good virtues of Lord Ram. If that had
been so not a drop of "HUMAN BLOOD" would have been spilt (whether Gujarat
or elsewhere). Definitely those killed in Godhra Train massacre are
deserving of our prayers and mercy but...yes Mr Raju...but they must not be
equated/thought/sympthasized as "Martyrs" as martyrs lay life for "OTHERS"
and not for petty self centred purposes like building temples.

Mr Raju I would have been very emotionally charged had these so called
Karsewaks had laid down their lives in bringing some prostitutes
recognition to the social world by accepting as their
wives/daughters/sisters OR say, by embracing people suffering from
incurable diseases as AIDS OR say, in building the most sophistacated
Health Centre for the aged and neglected.

Anyway you seem not to understand these issues as these appear to be too
trivial and immaterial for intelectuals like you, who have divided this
society into groups of mutual hatred and even after such dastardly events
(both Godhra and post-Godhra incidents) yoy are justifying such senseless
appealing of building a Ram Temple, which has now become an illegitimate
concept of jingoistic mad mob claiming to be HINDUs.


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