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Re: Slaughter in Gujarat

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Hi Raju,

> Navin,
> I strongly disagree with your comparison of India vis a vis the
> United
> States.

I think you are confused between the internal lack of law and order and
foriegn policy. 

> It did not chronicle the number of innocent afghanis that
> died in
> the "War against terrorism".  

Tell me a war in which innocents were not killed. 

> The United
> States'
> embargo of Iraq,

It is not an United State's embargo of Iraq at all. It is United
Nations embargo against Iraq. India which is part of the UN is also
party to this as much as US is.

> now in its eleventh year, has resulted in the total
> strangulation of the Iraqi economy.  A country that previously
> imported
> almost everything, today cannot even import essentials like food and
> medicine, without permission from the United States.  How many lives
> have
> been lost in Iraq thanks to the United States?  How many more peoples
> livelihoods have been ruined by the United States? You and I may
> never know
> thanks to the U.S. media.

> During the Gulf War when CNN played a tape showing that the U.S.
> had
> bombed what was acutally a factory making baby formula rather than a
> chemical weapons factory, there was a national outcry in the United
> States.
> CNN was demonized and branded a traitor for broadcasting Iraqi
> propaganda.

During a War mistakes are going to happen. I believe US media is much
more open than in India about showing US's mistake in War.


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