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Re: Gujarat tragedy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!



I am not condoning the deaths of "kar sevaks". If Ram temple is built, will
that solve any problem?. Rule of law is more important than Ram,or Allah, or
christ. I personally don't care about Muslim subjugation of the past, I am
more concerned about present and future. Do you want your future generations
to live a life of filth and cultural degradation?. Spending national energy
on issues like ram temple is an insult and criminal when poverty, illiteracy
are plaguing us.

Do you know that India is ranked at the bottom of Human development Index,
will your Ram temple do anything for the poor?.

The rule of law has to be adhered to, no matter how "big" the cause. The
government, public and the " real leaders" of both the community have to
come to a negotiated settlement. If it takes 100 years to solve it, so be
it. VHP has no right to bring it up at election times, or take unilateral
decision to take law in to their own hands. Who gave the authority to VHP to
be the spokesperson of Hindus?.
After all we didn't give a damn about Ram temple, until the BJP made it an
election issue.

Is VHP the savior Hindus?. Hell no!!!. These rouges, (the VHP, RSS, BJP)
kind have brought humiliation to the Hindu religion. Contrast that with
Ramakrishna mission, or other real hindu organizations, who have done
invisible service to people and religion.

Why can't these thugs fight against caste system, illiteracy superstitions
or clean up the dirty Ganga?, or preserve hundreds of temples that are in

On the same breath, I am for abolition of separate civil law for Muslims, or
make the criminal law of Muslims are Islam as possible, (stone people who
steal or burn trains), no more appeals to supreme courts or other nonsense.

I am for such "uninteresting" things like clean water, education, housing,
and development of the Indians as more humans, than as animals that burnt
the train or those who are burning Muslims now.

Nation before religion.

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