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Re: Slaughter in Gujarat

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Dear Raju,
I would like to disagree with you. Atleast on the count of democracies.
We need to compare our world's largest democracy with US.
It is still in my memory that Hillary Clinton remaked after she won the
election that "From now onwards we are not democrats & republicans, but we
are americans and will strive to build it"
This point is lacked in Indian democracy. Even after elections A congress or
BJP MP remains first loyal to his party then loyal to the nation. So many
political leaders will first loyal to thier religion or party  and not
lovign his nation/constituency in itys entirety. My personal view  is that
Loyalty should be first towards the ultimate Moral law, which treats humans
as humans (even if he is American, India, or pakistani, Moslem, Hindu or
Christian), then only even to the Nation. If we fail to see human as human
being we fail in all other aspects. Human anyway has some difference between
  Raju Agarwal <krantikari@hotmail.com>
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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


I strongly disagree with your comparison of India vis a vis the United

You are correct in so far as saying that we did not "see" people killed in
retaliation. But in fact, the scale of retaliation unleashed by the United
States on innocent people, makes the VHP look like a group of boy scouts!
The only difference is that the U.S. media did not report that side of the
story. It did not chronicle the number of innocent afghanis that died in
the "War against terrorism". Similarly, it is said that the United States
dropped more explosives on Iraq than the entire amount used in World War II.
During the Gulf War when CNN played a tape showing that the U.S. had
bombed what was acutally a factory making baby formula rather than a
chemical weapons factory, there was a national outcry in the United States.
CNN was demonized and branded a traitor for broadcasting Iraqi propaganda.
An entire nation of almost 20 million was mercilessly "bombed into the stone
age" by the United States in the hope that the ensuing unrest would lead to
a popular revolt that would overthrow Saddam Hussein. The United States'
embargo of Iraq, now in its eleventh year, has resulted in the total
strangulation of the Iraqi economy. A country that previously imported
almost everything, today cannot even import essentials like food and
medicine, without permission from the United States. How many lives have
been lost in Iraq thanks to the United States? How many more peoples
livelihoods have been ruined by the United States? You and I may never know
thanks to the U.S. media.

The United States is hardly the paragon of non-violence that you make it out
to be. On the other hand, India acted with amazing restraint in not
crossing the LoC during Kargil and then again after the attack on the Lok
Sabha. If indeed it turns out that Pakistan's ISI was involved in the
attack on the Sabarmati Express (as is widely suspected), India would be
wise to take a page out of America's book and do to that country what
America did to Afghanistan and Iraq. Innocent lives be damned!

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