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Re: Indians India's struggle, and IPI....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Dear Moderator,
I agree with you. I am for the moderation of anything and 
everything that is even remotely indicative of contribution toward 
personal retribution rather than to the debate. The result of the 
latter is digression, nothing else. By suitable moderation, the 
debater would be forced to stick to what he is needs to say in 
relation to the debate.

Sorry Ashish, but I have to disagree here again with you.
The very fact that we are all contributing to this forum implies 
that there is an inherent unity toward a common cause, never mind 
incongruity of ideas. And even lack of unity is no licence to 
surpass a sense of decorum.

In fact, Indian consitution also speaks about freedom to speech 
within the limits of "decency and morality" without causing 
"defamation or incitement (of offence)". I would personally prefer 
to go by the fundamental rights and duties provided by the Indian 
constitution on this forum.


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