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Re: Gujarat tragedy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Mr. Kandasamy,

Are you condoning the actions of the moslem activists that torched the
Sabarmati Express in which 57 people, including 15 children and 25 women
were burnt alive?

What about the people that instigated the spiral of violence?  Surely they
ought to have considered the repurcussions of their actions before setting
the train ablaze? The Ram temple did not kill those people on the Sabarmati
Express - it was the muslim activists.  So please don't blame the Ram temple
for what happened.

When members of the majority community were burnt alive, the Congress Party
did not utter a peep.  But when members of the minority community were
killed in retalliation, the Congress Party expressed its outrage and called
for the VHP to be banned.  Everyone that I have talked to has said the same
thing privately, but no one wants to say it publicly - that the Congress
Party has openly favoured the minority community for the past 50 years, in
the name of "secularism".  I believe that this bias was partly responsible
for the Ram Janmabhoomi movement.  It was a backlash against centuries of
muslim subjugation of India and the style of secularism practiced by the
Congress Party.

What I don't understand is why the Muslim Leadership, the Babri Majid Action
Committee (BMAC), adopted such a rigid, belligerent stand when the VHP was
seeking a peaceful resolution to the on-going dispute. After all, the VHP
had offered to move the Babri majid brick by brick to an adjacent site, in
full accordance with the tenets of Islam.  Their were numerous historical
precedents for moving mosques.  Why couldn't the BMAC have shown even the
slightest regard for the sympathies of millions of Hindus, who only wanted
to rebuild the original Ram temple that stood on the birthplace of Lord Ram.
  Instead, they painted the Hindus to be some kind of monsters.  They
whipped up a lot of religious frenzy alleging the VHP was trying to curtail
the religous freedoms of muslims.  And as always the Congress Party actively
supported their primary vote bank, leading to the unfortunate demolition of
the Babri majid.

I believe the so called secular parties are the primary culprits in this
unfortunate episode.

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