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Re: Arundhati Roy on Juriprudence

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Dear Ashish,
Regarding my arguments on your other comments, I think it would, 
more or less, a repitition of previous ideas (with exceptions of 
few new examples, may be, but I would like to cut this here).

However, the only clarification that I would like to make is 
regarding the interpretation of "sacrifice" that you have made. It 
is NOT the sacrifice of tax wealth I am referring to. It is 
sacrifice of some absolutely helpless people who would be 
negatively affected in a "Capitalist India". The poorest of the 
poor. The BPL kinds. People of the sorts of Narmada Valley. And I 
dont see why anything that is going to affect such huge percentage 
of people (let's restrict ourselves to expressing in percentages; 
absolute numbers would bring heart attack to some) be implemented 
at this time. Please get me correct. My concern is not Capitalism. 
My concern is Timing. I would have loved to see India where its 
populace is capable of taking advantage of free markets. That's 
not to be so at present, unfortunately.

You cannot leave a lion and a goat in a zoo (I am talking of zoo; 
not a forest. Note the difference. Zoo=India, US, the systems; 
Forest=Afghanistan, the anarchy) and claim to have given equal 
freedom to both. So if you are talking about designing a system 
(zoo) where you give freedom to all, ensure that the lion does not 
kill the goat. Empower the goat (No need to weaken the lion, 
though). And note that that is not the same thing as 
"distributing" the wealth.

In this respect, without intending to digress, I think, our prime 
concern should be EDUCATION. That's money invested for the future 
of the nation. And there is absolutely no harm in draining tax 
money in this channel. Spend in anything that concerns education. 
Make people feel the need to go for education. Primary education, 
higher education all.

That's all I have to say.


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