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Re: Indians India's struggle, and IPI....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Hi moderator,
            I agree with you that we, as Indian, come to terms with our
own struggle. But I respectfully disagree with you that we should
refrain from attacking each other in general. Actually, by venting our
differences in a debate we can avoid physical violence. Maintaining
outward facade of "unity" cannot be sustained when people do not know
each other personally. This will work only within a small community
(family, neighborhood etc.). Therefore, we should not bother about
maintaining this kind of "artificial" show of unity. That's why we have
right to expression in the constitution. That means we can say anything
(even insulting, denigrating things) to anybody without the fear of
physical reprisal from the Govt. or a particular community whose
feelings are getting hurt. 

However, if you are talking from the point of view of efficiency of the
debate I firmly agree with you. Since, this is a forum about policy
issues no point in wasting time in attacking each other personally. 

Don't misunderstand me! I am not arguing with you as related to these
forum policies. My objection pertains to your point of "outward unity"
in general. I think serious diagreements between Indians even including
personal attacks need not damage India's image abroad. In fact, level
of personal attacks (that goes to credibility, beliefs of the persons
including character) are much more ruthless here in US than I ever seen
among educated Indians. 

--- moderate@indiapolicy.org wrote:
> Ladies and Gentlemen:
> For the past week or so we have seen many messages where Indians were
> bashing other Indians - this is very unpatriotic!  Before we ask
> other
> nations to understand our position, I suggest that we, as Indians,
> come to
> terms with our own struggle - both Domestic and International. 
> Unless we do
> this no one else in the world will bother to respect us and attacking
> others
> on the forum instead of standing "united" will only tarnish our image
> as
> Indians!!
> respectfully,
> IPI Moderator

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