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Re: Reg communal violence & harmony

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


It is not a question whether the VHP is right or wrong or whether it should
devote its energies to building Saraswathi Mandirs instead of Ram Mandirs.
The only question that is pertinent after watching the grim images from
Gujrat is this.

If after 55 years of independence, and scores of carnages, the government
its institutions fail to protect, or even fail to give the impression of
attempting to  protect the life of the citizens then where is the progress
are harking about. Have we moved at all since 1947??

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 Dear friends,

 It is very sad that India is in flames. The nexus between politics &
 criminals and criminalisation of politics put our country in this state.
 Also, it shows that the patriotism often told by "VHP" is just a ploy. If
 they are very much nation loving they wil not go for "making temples" ..but
 will be going to making "saraswathy temples" , that is vadyalayas for
 education of illiterate massess.>>

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