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Slaughter in Gujarat

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


When thousands died in America on September 11th, most Americans were as
outraged as we were when we heard about the attack on the train in Gujarat.
There was a sudden hatred towards Moslems and some (about three) were
killed. Just compare to what we see now in our country. Agreed, innocent
people were killed; but does that justify killing another 50 innocents, or
100 of them? We did not see hundred or even 10 people get killed in any
"retaliation" in America.

It tells a lot about the two "democracies" doesn't it? The difference
between our civil societies is as wide as it can be. We have showed to the
world that we are no different from other savage nations. What's the point
in having a voting system, and gloating over it? World's greatest democracy!
Ha! What a joke!

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