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Re: Non-violent movement needed around the world

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


> your enemies and they refuse to recognize your
> existence I think Israel
> is right in holding the land till Palestine
> recognize them and come to
> negotiating table giving up violence completely. If
> PLO's charter says
> that they do not recognize Israel they exactly from
> whom they are
> demanding their land?

Do you listen to the Palestinians leaders and
spokespersons? They recognise Israel's right to exist.
They do not have a choice. It's a fact and it'll stay
that way. Today no one can dispute Israel's right to
exist. Does that mean Israel will vacate the occupied
land and move back to the pre-1967 border? NO. A big

> The land does not come stamped with its owners name
> from the God. It is
> decided by mutual agreements.

Mutual agreement between who? In case of Kashmir, the
Maharajah, a person who could legally make the
decision to accede to India on behalf of his people,
gave it to India. End of story. The West Bank and Gaza
strip were not given to Israel by any agreement.

> Who was responsible for creating the refugees?
> Aren't the Arab
> countries (Egypt, Jordan and Syria) who attacked
> Israel 1967 are
> responsible for creating the refugees? Why should't
> they be paying and
> supporting the refugees? Instead they keep fueling
> hatred against
> Israeli and inciting more Palestinians! 

I should have mentioned that this 'more than 70%
Palestinians' became refugees in and around 1948. Long
before the war of 1967. Should these people be taken
back to Israel?

> Why would Yasser Arafat be willing to deal with
> these issues? He got
> his Nobel Peace Prize! 

You mentioned this before. Nobel peace prize, we all
know, is farcical. It's politically motivated and
manipulated. The 6th prime minister of Israel,
Menachem Begin, received the Nobel peace prize in
1978. His background was not exactly clean nor was his
hand without blood. There you go.

- Rajiv

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