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Re: Gujarat tragedy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


--- Krishna C Tripathi <krishnact@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Does it really matter if there was a temple there
> five centuries ago? I
> thought God was omnipresent. Cannot a greater shrine
> be built somewhere
> else? Why should innocent people be made to pay for
> crimes committed by
> foreign invaders centuries ago?
> As Hindus are the majority in India, it is the duty
> of every Hindu to
> protect the minorities from any kind of persecution
> or harassment. 

I just wonder what were 2000 men doing with immediate
access to petrol bombs etc. at the station? I agree as
majority we should make sure that minorities are not
persecuted, but minorities should also bear
responsibility for their actions. A bunch of minority
thugs' act of stupidity can cause havoc elsewhere.
When will they realise that?

- Rajiv

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