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RE: Sept. 11 is the happiest day of all!

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


--- Ashish Hanwadikar <ashish_hanwadikar@yahoo.com>


> How do you collect evidence against Dictators and
> Theocrats? Tell me?

Saddam is the dictator. Who's the theocrat?

> Did World had any evidence that Hitler was going to
> attack against
> Poland, France or even Russia? 

World knew Hitler very well. They just ignored the

>When Russia initially
> supported the
> Hitler not once in their dream did they thought that
> Hitler would
> attack Russia. What evidence did Americans had about
> Japenese attack on
> Pearl Harbour? 

They knew it could happen.

>What evidence we had about Pakistan's
> attack on Kashmir
> on 1947, again in Kargil etc.? 

In case of Kargil, the fact that infiltrators were
coming in was known long before the entire episode
took place.

> respect law and order
> which is clearly not the case with Iraq, North Korea
> and Iran. 

Right now this is America's problem; America's
obsession. They do not forgive and forget past enemies
easily. It's their unique characteristic. Be that as
it may, we, the Indians, have nothing in particular
against Iran or Iraq. Or have we?

>And we
> jump to cite violations of International laws by
> countries like US,
> Israel and India and try to restrain them. How
> funny? Democratic
> countries like US, Israel and India fight with their
> hands tied by

I believe in democracy but you almost make it seem
like a 'license to kill'.

- Rajiv

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