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Re: indias pakistan troubles

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
"umesh" wrote:

> > I know. They are well within their rights to do so. This does not in

> > itself
> > make them treasonous traitors.
>They does not say so because it not not ok with their regiligion.

So? Last I checked everybody had the right to choose, practice and
their own religion.

>In Mumbai the political party Muslim league has annoucesd that they
>give election tickets to
>all bomb blast accused because they are sure that they will win in
>majority area.

It is sickening isn't it? But how is it different from the Congress's
decision to use Muslims/scs; or BJP's decision to use Sushma Swaraj
Every party is out to gain seats by exploiting whatever stupid notions
people hold. There is no attempt to actually provide leadership - they
like thugs. But that is all of them - catering to every religion, social

divide and criminal element.

>Recent news I saw is muslims in India are opposing the decision of
>goverment to support
>U.S.  for action against Afghanistan.

Not all of them. The same way not all the hindus went out and burnt
Sikhs in


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