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Re: indias pakistan troubles

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"MV" asked:
>Can some one who studied Kashmir situation explain
>how come part of it is occupied by Pakistan in spite
>of India supposedly winning all the wars with Pakistan?
>Can anyone tell us the circumstances that led to
>the creation of PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) when
>did it happen? 1971 war?

This happened in 1947 October. The first war, Pakistan invaded [in the
of and with the help of Pathans], instrument of accession signed, India
joins in the battle. The battle rages and weeks later, Indian army has
reached Lahore. So India has posession of parts of Pakistan till LAhore,

Pakistan has the possession of the northern portion of J&K [basically
areas around Gilgit].

Enters Nehru, with his lofty ambitions and desire for world approbation
[YEs, I might be a bit unfair to him, but he irritates me, or rather his

policies have always irritated me]. Well, he agrees to a plebiscite,
KAshmir issue to the UN, voluntarily withdraws the army back to Indian
territory without waiting for or bargaining for a reciprocal decision by


Till today, PoK exists, and Pakistan has a wonderful time raising the
of plebiscite.

Ritu, who wants Patel for PM

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