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Re: indias pakistan troubles

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Shekhar Rao wrote:

At times there may be some people who are misguided,
>immature and abetted. That does not mean that the country just goes on
>giving away whatever the probably the minority demands.  How do we know

>the majority of the Kashmiris want it the way it is being projected.

It is a fact of life Mr. Rao, that terrorism does not receive popular
support if the public doesn't agree with the stated aims of the
[or freedom fighters, depending on which side of the fence one is
from]. Today, people in Kashmir are more against the Indian state than
against the terrorist organisations - in fact alot of them take up the
cudgels[or guns, in this case] and join in the fight themselves. Talk to
Kashmiri, visit their web sites, check out what they say to the world
- you will see what I mean.

Of course, it is our mishandling of the situation that got us in this
position, and of course, there is a way out too. But I for one, am not
convinced that keeping Kashmir is the best use of our resources. My
conviction is that the benefits of citizenship [protection by the govt]
should first go those who wish to be citizens.

<snippage of rhetoric>

>suggestions are too practical to be true.

I do not understand what this sentence means.

>Without all these states you
>me would not have India and an identity as an Indian.

False. Kashmir does not define India or Indianness. Neither do the
north-east states. Neither in our hearts, nor in theirs. [Just consider,
many movies and serials talk about their problems as fellow country men-
it is not represented in popular culture, then that is usually because
it is
not a part of our psyche].

>Let us sit and
>all our friends who we make in our course of life span do we not get
>emotionally bonded.  It would happen even otherwise in case it is A FEW

>SCATTERED STATES but the bonding is faster and longer because we are in


Yes, your point is valid. It would have been the case had we done it
in the last 5 decades. But we didn't. We pushed them away, called them
chinks/pakis, treated them with suspicion and disdain. We made our bed,
can choose to lie on it or we can choose to make it again. Like I said
earlier, I think we as a nation have too many pressing problems to waste

time and resources trying to convince these people that we are really
not as
bad, mean and stupid as we have been acting for the past 50 odd years.

A few years ago, I was on this list. I said that I was worried about the

growing 'Hindutva' - the fascist fringe of it at least. I was sorely
criticised for being an alarmist. [Vamsi would probably remember the
incident] The sad part is I don't even feel vindicated when I read about

people trying to stop the re-writing of history in school books - I just

feel more worried.

Today I say that we as a nation are on the brink of disaster. Our
economy is
weak, our polity is in shambles and our society is unravelling. I fear
if our generation doesn't take concrete steps, we would see the start of
spiral of chaos.

Hence, my unwillingness to spend more time and energy on Kashmir. Let
be for those who wish to be Indians. And let India put its own house in


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