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Thanks Ritu Ko

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I had just subscribed to this mailing list at Indiapolicy.org and was
to unsubscribe from it because of what I perceived to be a series of
minded posts, and then you saved me =) I just wanted to shout out loud:

"Way to go, Ritu Ko!!!"

I was thinking about your question regarding a practical necessity for
Kashmir. I believe other people have been referring to a political need
Kashmir in their various posts. This includes, among others, the need to

divert attention away from other issues like poverty, illiteracy,
corruption, etc. (in no order of importance). However I tend to agree
as a practical issue, there seems to be no advantage in forcing a
to be governed by one's regime even though that governance results in
widespread terrorism, fear and unhappiness.

However I do believe that the question of the practicality of Kashmir
can be
answered. I do not know that answer just yet, but in order to proceed
further with this discussion, I need to understand your opinion on
more fundamental question:

What is the purpose of a nation? Is a nation more than just a mutually
acceptable geographic boundary? Or is there any practical reason for
adopting such boundaries?

I do not have all the answers to the above question myself, and I don't
expect you to have them either. I am really more interested in any
you might have, so that I might use that to build a case for the
practicality of owning Kashmir.

Of course it is possible that your question about the practicality of
Kashmir was merely rhetorical, in which case I request your true
opinions on
this matter. If you have any references that form the basis of your
opinions, please provide them with your reply.

Thanks for your time!

Rahul Mittal

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