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Re: indias pakistan troubles

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Hi all,
      I agree with Sunil, that merely isolating religion will not help.
Religions do not commit atrocities just like Guns themselves do not
kill anybody. Only human beings commit murders. I do not care whether a
religion supports one God and advocate killing of others who do not
believe in that God. Finally, one who acts and actually kills other is
commiting crime. I think the time has come when we should shift our
attention to real people killing others and real people who are getting
killed. Forget about which religion they belong to and what are their
beliefs. Believing even in a religion which recommends murder is not a
crime at all. No law in any of the democracies in the world treats
belief or even intention to kill as crime. It is only when you act on
these beliefs or intentions then the crime is deemed to be commited.
      Christainity, Hinduism and Islam have never commited any crimes
and they never will. Those who commited crimes using religion as excuse
should be prosecuted just like ordinary criminals.
Ashish K Hanwadikar
--- Sunil  M <sunil_mt@rediffmail.com> wrote:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate
> it!
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Mr. Rajeev Sinha,
> You wrote: "The world history is replete with the =
> heinous crimes perpetrated in the name of Islam"
> To be fair, we need to remind ourselves, that history is
> in fact replete with crimes committed in the name of
> religion. What about the crusades of Christianity? And =
> What about Hinduism which has treated a section of its =
> own population worse than animals for thousands of years?
> If you are a Hindu, you will probably tell that this
> is not really what Hinduism stands for. Many Muslims
> hold a similar view too, with regard to crimes committed
> in the name of Islam.
> It may be so that we see more terrorism, murders, =
> imposing dress/culture code etc in Islamic claimants =
> than any other.
> Terrorism is terrorism whether committed by a fanatic
> Muslim or a fanatic Christian or a fanatic Hindu. My
> opinion is that we should counter such faulty religious
> ideologies with what we consider to be correct or
> better ideology/philosophy. Merely isolating a religion
> and making it responsible for all the evil (which we all
> humans have committed) will only worsen
> the things and will be yet another crime in the
> name of religion.
> Also, I would like to hear your view on why you think =
> Mr. Gandotra as the most strange person?
> You wrote:
> "I read Mr. Gandotra's views with interest. He is a =
> non-believer of Hinduism which makes him the most strange
> person in the world. It's the fault of his upbringing"
> Thank you,
> Sunil.
> On Mon, 17 Sep 2001 Rajeev Sinha wrote :
> >---------------------------------------------------------
> >-------------
> >Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, =
> >and propagate it!
> >---------------------------------------------------------
> >-------------
> >I read Mr Gandotra's views with interset. He is a non =
> >believer of
> >Hinduism
> >which makes him the most strange person in the =
> >world.It's the fault of
> >his
> >upbringing. The world is fed up with the Islamic =
> >Fundamentalists. The
> >world
> >history is replete with the heinous crimes prepetrated =
> >in the name of
> >Islam.
> >Have we not ,Mr Gandotra, bled enough blood in the name =
> >of Islamic Jehad
> >?
> >Ask those who have lost their loved ones on the alter =
> >of this barbaric
> >terrorism !
> >Unfortunately, the Indian people have weakest political =
> >will to solve
> >this
> >problem. Probably Mahatma Gandhi ( whom I adore as a =
> >divine incarnation)
> >
> >could not anticipate the Islamic Fundamentalism. But , =
> >if in this
> >juncture
> >we do not take hard step against the fundamentalists,we =
> >will be doomed
> >for
> >ever. In china, the rules are very tough. Similarily we =
> >need to have
> >such
> >kinds of rules like possession of illigal arms should =
> >warrent immidiate
> >capital punishment in public. Only such kinds of =
> >strictness will solve
> >these
> >kinds of problems.
> >So far as Kashmir Solutions are concerned,the =
> >government need not ask
> >any
> >political parties or go for any human rights =
> >benedictions. The moment a
> >terrorist is captured he must be shot dead immediately. =
> >How did we solve
> >the
> >Punjab problem ? Wasn't it a tit for tat tactics.
> >Besides that the next thing is to bomb Pakistani =
> >training camps. No
> >other
> >country will ever come for Pakistan's support at this =
> >juncture. The
> >world
> >knows that it has been perpetrating terrorism in the =
> >subcontinent for
> >such a
> >long time.
> >So be prepared for the worst and exterminate the Muslim =
> >clergies
> >(Kathmullah)and all those who support Islamic terrorism =
> >(Jihad) directly
> >or
> >indirectly. Only then India as a nation will survive
> >Thanks

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