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Re: India's place in the world....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Hi all,
I agree with Rohit very very much. Yes, we need to recognize the
individual civil rights as the basis of organization of society. Then
and then only will Indians and India as a whole prosper.
It is so surprising to me that people talk passionately about totally
intangible things like country, religion, community as if these things
have feelings. They talk about progress of country without even
remotely touching the individual. What the heck, do countries, religion
or communities have lives of their own? Do they have feelings of
happiness, sadness? Do they have ambitions? Of course, not! Only
individuals have life, aspirations, and feelings! The country, society
have existence only in our minds!
I do understand that an individual's existence and future may be tied
heavily to the society, country etc! That's why society and country
etc. are important. However, they are important precisely because they
are a medium for an individual to achieve happiness and safe existence.
They are the medium and individual's life, liberty and happiness are
the end.
If you try to analyze why US is so succesful as a country then the only
reason you will come up with is that they value individual life,
liberty, and happiness. Honestly, try to ask yourself one important
question! What is so different about US of A?
1) Is Corruption less in US? I guess not! US officials as corrupt as
anybody else! It is just that role of Govt. in the country is so less
that absolute corruption looks very less. If you try to compare the
ratio of corruption in country to the involvement of Govt. in the
country then US will be at the same level as many other countries. To
measure Govt. involvement in the country one useful measure is Govt.
expenditure as a percentage of GDP.
2) Are people of US more patriotic? The country which has faced a huge
Civil War over slavery cannot claim that easily. European people are
also very patriotic. And so are the people of Islamic countries who
value their country more than their lives!
3) Are these people exceptionally intelligent? Anybody who has worked
in Software Company in the US will testify otherwise. Look at the
performance of US students on International science and mathematics
tests! Try calling some of the customer service representatives of US
companies and you will know what I mean!
4) Do they have great heritage or traditions? For a country so young,
with total failure of family system this is a real difficult claim.
5) And so on! Try to point out one aspect of US which is totally
different than other countries which can explain the success of US

Somebody will point out that US is very rich that's why they are so
powerful. Or somebody will say that US is powerful that's why they are
rich! It is a chicken and egg question! The bottomline is why US is so
powerful and rich! Look at the their Bill of Rights. Because that's
only difference between US and other countries. Look at the record of
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and you will understand the

The amount of individual productivity that is unleashed when an
individual is left free from the clutches of tyrannical Govt. and
opressive majority (read democracy) can do wonders to any country, not
just US! Try it and you will know!

And again at the end of day, it does not matter what others think of
your country! It does not matter whether India is praised by others as
the greatest country! Only thing that matters is whether its people are
happy without obstructing others in their pursuit of the same goals.


--- Rohit Sharma <r_j_sharma@yahoo.com> wrote:
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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate
> it!
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> Yes, I can - the US.
> India has one and only one core problem - altruism.
> It comes up in form of religion, social structure.
> For all the ancient wisdom and culture we have not
> come up with the basic understanding that an
> individual has to be the primary consideration. In
> India an individual is crushed since his birth - by
> social structures, religious reverence and inculcated
> with the belief of self-disgust and pity. He is taught
> to work for others - his family, his religion, his
> country etc. never for himself. In our country we have
> not come up with a fair understanding of life,
> liberty, pursuit of hapiness (which is a cardinal sin
> in all the religions practiced here) and right to
> property.
> Any serious analysis of history will realise that the
> last 4 things - which came into human scope of
> understanding in the Renaissance period and were the
> principles of forming the US are the only truly
> civilized form of human survival and prosperity.
> India as a country and as a culture fails to
> understand this - though some if it's citizen do
> realize these values.
> Rohit
> --- vamsi@siliconcorp.com wrote:
> >
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> > Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it,
> > and propagate it!
> >
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> > I believe India is the only hope for this planet in
> > this century - India
> > MUST build a strong military to protect its borders
> > but we are also
> > endowed with maturity and wisdom from ancient times
> > to look upon others
> > through an empathetic lens!!
> >
> > What the world needs in this century is a country
> > with a vibrant
> > economy, democratic power structure, and a strong
> > military but also has
> > a great heritage, ancient wisdom, culture, and
> > respect for human life -
> > I cannot think of any other country capable of
> > fitting in this slot
> > other than India!  Can you?
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Vamsi M.

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