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Re: indias pakistan troubles

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Do you know the numbe of Non-muslims who are Criminals of all types and
the amount of violence they have committed ? What happened in Delhi
after Indira's death and who was responsible ? Who broght down the Babri

masjid ? How many of them have committed various economic scams ? There
are a number of other violence-offenders (be it physical violence,
economical, racial, religious, sexual or moral vioelnce) who are
It is the "Hindu" rulers who have never treated non-hindus (including
muslims) as equals and in the name of "minorities", they have created
bigger & bigger gulfs between different religions and have divided
people with every possible excuse.
This division is what is responsible for the problems today.

What is required today is to reconcile every aspect of our past and
present -- as a species -- should be reconciled; every aspect of human
relations, endeavor, art, culture, science, history, etc. should be
reconciled. Without reconciliation,
there could be no integration; and without integration, there could be
no going forward. Without going forward, there is no future. Without
future, there could only be death. Reconciliation or death. Nothing in

My Dear Shekhar Rao, the first lesson of hatred was taught to me by my
the (Hindus). Let me not go into the details, but, if you go into into
your childhood and try to examine the upbringing, you will see many new
things there that could be eye-opene.

Shekhar Rao wrote:
>     only to remind Sudhir.  Some eye openers may be.
> 1.    Pak wins        they celebrate
> 2.    70-80% of the underworld are them
> 3.    News in Bihar or elsewhere of kidnapping and murder more than
> often
> involve their names
> 4.    No family planning for them.
> 5.    Their law is different from the law of land and they do not
> to
> the constitutional law
> 6.    They do not say PLEDGE (India is My Country) in their schools
> 7.    They do not believe in singing National Anthem
>         WHY?
> Shekhar
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> >
> > Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate
> >
> > I think Mr. Bhattacharya needs to relax, look at the positives,
> > understand & respect the diversity of humans including Muslims.
> > I was born in a Hindu family (but I don't believe in Hinduism) and
> have
> > been and am very very close to a few Muslim families - infact I am
> > considered a part of those families and have an important say in the

> > families (Just like any member normally in any family has). These
> > families I am talking of are believers of Islam and the normal
> religious
> >
> > practices are followed by them.
> > Having this exposure now for more than 25 years, I can tell Mr.
> > Bhattacharya that he is only looking at the worst part which very
> > exists in every religion's followers today. But this not mean that
> > religion or all its followers are same.
> > Religion and its organisation (Islam and Mosque, Hinduism and the
> > Temply, Christianism and Church) mostly work mostly at
> > and this is the fault of the human-beings that create the problems.
> > Power (be it Political, religious or from any other aspect of social

> > life) is today in teh hand of Corrupt ones. And the fault of this is
> > We the common people have stopped bothering about social aspects of
> life
> >
> > and are concerned (if at all) just with our Career (earnign money)
> > at times with family etc.
> >
> > All this brings us to the earleir point of discussion: Should not
> > common people start taking interest in social activities (including
> > Religion, politics) and take them in other honest hands ?
> >
> > Dear Mr. Bhattacharya, as a minimum, please do not spread the hatred

> > further. It is as bad as committing violence. It is possible for me
> > understand that you have possibly been hurt by various incidente,
> > the resposne of a mature person is not by taking revenge, but by
> > building bridges, by connecting people, by reducing tensions, hatred

> and
> >
> > violence and help people understand & respect the diversity.

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