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Re: indias pakistan troubles

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
 > P. Bhattacharya wrote:
 > -----------------------
 > Of course it will remain for ever. It will be like
 > this as long as Islam exists on the face of the earth.

Right. What I want to know is the what do you base this assessment on?
some sections of Koran that are not available to common public, or some
experiences, or is this in the nature of a divine revelation?

 > There is nothing much to analyse. All you need to do
 > is to get rid of Islam and Muslims permanently. That'd
 > solve everything.

Everything? The hindu-christian spats? the poverty? the incompetence?
corruption? Wow!

>You can't kill 5 or 10 terrorists.
 > Muslims breed like insects. How many can you kill ?
 > You need to destroy the whole lot.

Which insects? What is the breeding pattern of these insects? How does
compare with the Muslim rate of breeding? All the muslims or are there
similarities between a few countries/localities?

 > But then nobody has the balls to do that, or even
 > admit that in public. So it will continue like this.
 > It'll be worse day by day.

Sir, I think the problem has less to do with lack of nerve and more to
with the presence of common sense.


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