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Re: free-markets in the time of anthrax

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
    Why is it "Free-Market" advocates have to prove that "Free-Market"
system works in practice? People think that is just an Utopia which will

never be achieved in practise. Plain rubbish! Why can't those who =
Govt. intervention in all walks of our life give a proof that Govt.
intervention has indeed provided additional benefits to a society as a
whole! I think freedom is a natural state. If somebody suggests =
freedom is to be taken away (like restricting imports, taxing people =
he has to  really make a case for Govt. intervention. Do our Member of
Parliament and Govt. official explain you how Nationalizing Banking,
Insurance, Shipping, Airlines, Water Supply, Electricity, Surface =
Communications and Broadcasting, Education, Health and Medicine, Sports,

Culture etc. have indeed benefitted the Country? In the last 40 years of

Indian Socialism has anybody offered a single explaination of Govt. =
of our lives from Craddle-to-the-Grave? For that matter has any country
Europe or any Govt. in US has offered any explaination for more Govt. =
in the society?
    Politician love Govt. intervention because they love the =
powers that come with it. By focussing us on the short term benefits =
take an increasing control of our everyday life. No wonder Keneysian
policies are favored by Politicians and those with vested interests. If
worker's job is going to get saved by use of Keneysian principles, he =
love that. What he doesn't understand is that he and others are going to
a heavy price in the long run because of this stupidity! Ask a poor =
with two kids who have been just thrown out of her apartment by her =
for non-payment of rent whether she believes in Property Rights and she
ofcourse say no! She loves it when judge orders the landlord to let her
the apartment till she finds another one or till she finds a job. But =
don't realize the fate that is going to fall on other widows in the =
situation. Landlords after this will be very wary of giving apartments =

rent to widows eventhough they are willing to pay the rent. Judge might
re-elected, the widow might get a temporary shelter but everybody else =

screwed forever! Nobody asks the judge or politician to explain why =
Property Rights in the widow's case is beneficial for the society!
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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

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> 1. Yes, there is no country which is a free market. But the idea of
> 'free
> market'
> remains an ideal for some. I tried to analyse the flaws in this belief

> in an
> article
> which can be seen in the publications page of ipi.
> 2. It is not that whoever wants more government control is =
> a
> leftist. One can also see, for example, that fascists or for that
> matter,
> religious fundamentalists
> want total control of government. I think it is time we moved beyond =

> kind of labels and analysed each issue on its own merit.
> What is important is to look into the questions of what kind of
> government
> intervention, in what manner and its consequences on society at large.

> 3. When you acknowledge that 'free market' has not existed anywhere, =

> what
> basis
> would you advocate it to be the ideal which needs to be understood as
> something distinct
> from neo-liberalism? I think we can understand the article cited =
> if
> we don't have
> the predeliction of 'free market' as an ideal and go ahead with noting

> the
> points that are made.
> Broadly speaking, 'neo-liberalism' refers to the idea of allowing
> external
> trade by reducing barriers and by reducing government interventions
> while
> 'Keynesian approach' was the one that was
> adopted in the USA in the early 20'th Century of Government =
> to
> be a major stimulus
> for boosting the economy. I think all that the article has tried to
> argue is
> that things
> seem to be going the Keynesian way whereas these very same agencies,
> till
> the other
> day, spoke of neo-liberalism as an ideal. Perhaps many people won't
> disagree
> with this.
> Otherwise, how would one explain huge deficit spending being planned =

> US
> government, which
> was exactly what Keynes had prescribed at a different historical
> context?

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