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Truth about Indians....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I am indeed reading between the lines and it seems that all the Indians are so
fascinated by US, its unity, freedoms, etc. that we are unable to rationalize that
India too is capable of much the same if not more....India has been fighting this
"terrorism" for years, if not decades, and why are Indians now so galvanized about
America's new war and not with India's old war?  And why do we blame our leaders
in India when many of us are not leaders ourselves - If India is bad then it is
because we have turned our backs on it....Americans haven't!!  Many young
Americans are lining up to join their Government, its services, and its
institutions....where were the Indians when India was fighting its war on
terrorism or struggling to defend its place in the world - young Indians then
lined up at the immigration offices to seek a cheaper opportunity elsewhere in
order to serve some other nation!!  This is the difference that I see between
America and India - it is within us!

Vamsi M.

Sai Ram Sathya wrote:

> Sorry for the Vamsi-Bashing, he should wake up to times and truth, which
> cannot be read in the lines of Journalists who work for their bread, and have
> to take yet another angle to find acceptability of their editors. He should
> read between lines and between thoughts.

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