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Re: Truth about America.

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Mr. Vamshi,

Please take time and stand in front the Lincoln Memorial and read the
messages, statements, of the founding fathers of the
greatest experiment this planet of the pre-millinium by founding fathers
the country which should be truly called the
United Nations of the spaceship called Earth.

Their lofty ideals, sound divine almost out of touch of those  times,
we see in US society are marginal caused by Semi-Vamsi outlook -
reactions had
it been in India, led by the Indian Ministers, would have been animal
reactions, post-Indra Gandhi riots, being the standing example.

If only we revert to the Rishis who said aeons ago, that in the cycle of
( Kali Yuga) The unreal will be the cruel King. So no wonder,  shadows
Stalin stalked Indians from Nehru to present day Socialists. Its endemic
the system.. Similarly Indian secular love has some thing to do with the
Bank. If they found out that Indians are swinging  to two nation theory,
same secular socialists will jump into another band wagon, making a
de face.

Sorry for the Vamsi-Bashing, he should wake up to times and truth, which

cannot be read in the lines of Journalists who work for their bread, and
to take yet another angle to find acceptability of their editors. He
read between lines and between thoughts.

regards to all who read this

Sai Ram Sathya.

Gaurav Johri wrote:

> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> I don't understand what is being achieved by
> US-bashing of the sort Vamsi is indulging in. Are we
> seeking comfort in America's imperfections to hide our
> own?
> But as much as I disagree with Vamsi on his comments
> about America, Priyo, you are guilty of the same wrong
> which you criticize Vamsi for.
> When we talk about violence in India when such events
> take place, it is important to understand that this is
> not limited to India and can be seen all across Asia
> and even in parts of Europe.

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