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Re: On the nuclear weapons issue

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
How does developing countries boost their economies?
The make life easier using mechanisation economic model
of western civilisation is based on fossil fuels!!!!!

Now consider the per capita energy(money) required for
1 billion people of India to achieve even half the
living standards of US. We already know the effect of
increase in number of fossil fuel vehicles in cities
like Delhi. The only way developing nations can raise
the living standards of the people is to find alternate
cleaner energy(money supply) model. Western developed
economies does not have immediate incentive to switch
from the fossil fuel model since they have huge
investment in fossil fuel economy model, so they will
wait till fossil fuels become scarce. This leaves the
developing countries to fund their own research for
finding alternate economic(energy/money supply) model
for development.

Developing nations has the brain power to do it,
we have to find the few thousand brilliant/gifted
children in each country educate them and put them to
research an alternate economic model share the research
data, to evolve a sustainable clean energy(money)
supply model. 2 Billion+ people of India and China has
to play leading role with other Asian, African and
Latin American nations to evolve better living
standards for the people..... we can do it in 25-30
years, we can do it in our life time......


> From: "Rahul Mittal"
> One reason this has not been the case, despite our wishes,
> our economic size. Economy is as much of a military asset
> a stockpile of nuclear warheads. Economy does not prevent
> minor terrorist groups from being active within the
> but neither do nuclear warheads. However a strong economy
> does a lot more for the citizens than a stockpile of
> warheads. The U.S.-Iraq situation arose largely from the
> economic hurdles of an Iraq-occupied Kuwait. Nobody
> would have cared if it was Iraq invading Rwanda or some
> "insignificant" nation. Similarly, some claim that the
> attacks are purely in the interest of natural gas
reserves. If
> economic interests can provoke such strong reactions, then
> perhaps a better alternative for India would be to focus
> more strongly on strengthening its own economy and
> increasing foreign trade. Just a thought. However
> India's economy is most easily accomplished by improving
> with its neighbour, Pakistan.
> Rahul Mittal

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