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> quotes from sworn testimony to the International Relations Committee
> the United States Congress:
> The Taliban, a group of religious
> students from Pakistani schools, were successful in establishing
> over
> Afghanistan with the active military support of Pakistan's military
> intelligence
> service, the Inter Services Directorate (ISI). Pakistan's concern was
> promote ethnic Pashtun control over the country, which was being run
> Afghans
> hostile to Pashtun rule and Pakistani influence. The Pashtuns, or
> in
> common western usage, designates several dozen separate tribes on both

> sides of
> the Afghan/Pakistani border. The Taliban, lacking a secular education,
> almost medieval in its concept of governance. The Taliban rulers have
> mismanaged the country, but have been amenable to Pakistani political
> influence
> although not totally subservient to it. Pakistan has also used its
> position and
> support to the Taliban to establish within Afghanistan a series of
> training
> camps for Kashmiri terrorists. ISI personnel are present, in mufti, to

> conduct
> the training. This arrangement allowed Pakistan "plausible denial"
that it
> is
> promoting insurgency in Kashmir. Pakistan also provisioned the Taliban

> with
> weapons to fight the "Northern Alliance" which contests Taliban
> over the
> country and had until recently about 7% of Afghan territory, mostly
> of
> Kabul and in the Panshir. The Northern Alliance, while including some
> Pashtuns,
> has been commanded by Ahmad Shah Massud, an ethnic Tajik. About three
> weeks ago,
> Massud was assassinated by suicide bombers identified as part of Bin
> Laden's
> group.
> The bonds between Mullah Omar, and Usama Bin Laden, are bonds of blood
> Bin
> Laden has offered "bayat" to Mullah Omar, an offering of submission to
> will
> and his leadership. Bin Laden recently declared Taliban-ruled
> as
> the "new Mecca" and Mullah Omar as the new caliph. It is therefore all
> impossible for Mullah Omar to turn over Bin Laden to the U.S. for
> prosecution as
> the U.S. has demanded. The Taliban and Bin Laden's estimated 4,000 to
> 5,000
> fighters are intertwined with the Taliban military and Mullah Omar
> considers Bin
> Laden as his right hand.
> http://www.house.gov/international_relations/cann1003.htm

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