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Reply to Srinup

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>"Dr. Subroto Roy" wrote:
>> The alternative to such insane stupidity is my proposed solution
>> Defence, Common Market, Common J&K", over time-frames of 1 yeyears
and 5
>> years respectively in that order.
>India doesn't need a 2nd Gandhi to save them now and unite India and

-- already answered;  I am not talking about "unity" at all, merely
practical peacable arrangements in the long run...
frankly we are tired of turning the other cheek to the world and
>to our politicians.  We want to stand up for our own liberties locally,

>nationally, and internationally.  We need someone who will struggle
us -
>a Gladiator!!  We do not need an academic pacifist to tell us how we
>march to the sea to find salt, etc....Indian race is already one of the

>pacifist in the world so why placate the madness?

-- do try to read the article I wrote during Kargil referred to in the
previous mail, published in Security and Policy Risk Analysis Bulletin,
1999; its title should indicate my lack of "pacifism"; but I am no


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