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Shri Subroto Roy's Gandhian paradigm

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

"Dr. Subroto Roy" wrote:

> The alternative to such insane stupidity is my proposed solution "Common
> Defence, Common Market, Common J&K", over time-frames of 1 yeyears and 5
> years respectively in that order.

India doesn't need a 2nd Gandhi to save them now and unite India and
Pakistan....frankly we are tired of turning the other cheek to the world and
to our politicians.  We want to stand up for our own liberties locally,
nationally, and internationally.  We need someone who will struggle with us -
a Gladiator!!  We do not need an academic pacifist to tell us how we need to
march to the sea to find salt, etc....Indian race is already one of the most
pacifist in the world so why placate the madness?

- Srinu

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