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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Ritu, stop pretending to know me in the slightest - it is very impolite!!

take care,
Vamsi M.

Ritu Ko wrote:

> Vamsi wrote:
> >Oh comon Ritu, admit it....you are one of the few on this forum who is
> >always
> >bad mouthing India and Indians with a vicious vengeance....
> Hm, I wonder whether you are getting the same mails that I am posting.
> If
> yes, then I wonder at your inability to process statements and
> information.
> Bad mouthing India and Indians with a vicious vengeance? I might have
> been
> offended, had I not been so amused. How do you define 'bad mouthing with
> a
> vicious vengeance'? Surely, an acknowledgement of reality cannot be
> called
> that [at least not by a rational adult, anyway].
> OF course, if the reason I provoke your ire is my refusal to subscribe
> to
> the view that India is all that is good and the US is all that is bad,
> then
> I can't really help it. I left behind the emotional problems and
> assumptions
> of a ten year old the day I turned 11. I would respectfully suggest that
> you
> try the same.
> Why don't you substantiate your above description with relevant lines
> taken
> from my mails? I will give you my reasons for each and every statement
> made
> by me. Unlike you, Vamsi, I don't throw empty words in the air.
> I'll be the first to admit that I am extremely critical of Indian
> society
> and polity. I have my reasons, primary among them is the fact that I
> refuse
> to close my eyes to reality and indulge in baseless fantasies [when I
> wish
> to write fiction, I do just that - I don't confuse fiction with fact, no
> matter how tempting that might be].
> Also, I am Indian, living in India. I have built a life, a business
> here. I
> pay my taxes, vote in elections and have the right to criticize my home
> the
> way I see fit. I will not give up this right for anything, let alone for
> the
> sake of sanctimonious idiots who can't stop bleating long enough to
> think.
> I say, often and loudly, that we are in a mess. We are. I say that our
> greatest threat is from us. It is. I say that focussing on the misdeeds
> of
> others is a waste of time and doesn't do anything constructive for us.
> It is
> true.
> What you fail to understand that this criticism stems from a love for my
> country. I fail to see what service I would render my nation by telling
> patently ridiculous, demonstratably baseless lies [I seem to remember
> somebody in this forum making the statement that India offers the same
> opportunities as the US for individual advancement. Strangely enough,
> that
> certain somebody doesn't even live here]. How can we even think of
> improving
> when we don't have the courage to acknowledge the present messy reality?
> Surely, an acknowledgement of what is has to be the first step in
> change. I
> thought that would be obvious to anybody with a brain. Apparently, I am
> guilty of overestimating the sense of some people.
> Another aspect of my criticism stems from an almost chauvinistic pride
> in my
> culture and heritage. I am a student of Indian history and politics,
> have
> been for the past 15 years. I have read our ancient epics and shastras
> [I
> wonder if you have actually read any of the originals] and I am sick of
> the
> currently prevailing perverted form of the sanatana dharma. A lot of my
> criticism stems from the thought, "Hell! If anybody ought to know
> better, it
> is us!"
> In all your harpings about the cloud of distrust that is settling over
> the
> US today [with regard to Asians and Arabs], did you ever stop to think
> of
> the way we treat our own people? If you had, you would not have made
> such a
> long, gleeful jump to define the entire US as evil. What about what
> happened
> at the funeral of Balbir Singh Sondhi? A highly placed representative of
> the
> executive went there and actually declared that this was a cowardly act
> of
> murder, not a demonstration of patriotism. Politically motivated? Sure.
> Just
> words? Maybe. But this certainly more than Rao did in December 1992 or
> Vajpayee did this month.
> Try giving credit where it is due, it won't subtract anything from you.
> I have another reason to object to your constant US bashing as well. I
> personally am of the opinion that any individual who avails of the
> benefits
> of a society, country or civilization owes some kind of a loyalty back
> to
> them. I feel this way when people from the north-east don't pay taxes,
> avail
> of the reservations and then refuse to call themselves Indians. I feel
> this
> way when foreign students come here, take benefit of our education
> system
> and never miss an opportunity to run down my country. The principle
> remains
> the same, even when the country being run down is not my own. It is
> called
> consistency.
> >Proud to hear, however, that you know some brave folks who fought for
> >India!
> Not just fought but died fighting too. And guess what? They were all
> capable
> of thought, and felt much the same as I do about the way things are in
> our
> country today. What makes you think that they do not [in some cases, did
> not] criticize India? What makes you think that they are happy with the
> way
> the country is being run? They risk all, for a miserable pittance, and
> then
> see their gains frittered away by spineless politicians. Do you think
> they
> really subscribe to the view that India is absolutely perfect? Surely,
> even
> you have to be capable of more logic than that. And what do you care
> about
> the Indian Armed Forces anyway? They'd all die soon enough if your ideas
> were consistently applied. For the sake of all that is good and
> precious,
> Vamsi, stop invoking their name and hiding behind them. Some things,
> some
> sacrifices are too big to be profaned for the sake of rhetoric.
> You do not seem to have gained the emotional maturity to realise that
> love
> for one's country doesn't mean closing one's eyes to the problems
> prevalent
> in the same.
> I certainly hope that this clarifies the issues for you somewhat, but
> then
> again, I am not holding my breath.
> Ritu

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