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On the nuclear weapons issue

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
For some reason, IPI seems to be discussing nuclear weapons;  my
position on
that for what it is worth is that India and Pakistan would be insane to
deploy nuclear weapons against one another... even wind changes would
the radioactivity to float across the border back to the user...
such insane stupidity is well within the feasibility sets of both
Governments especially the Pakistani Government, whose elite members
little real stake in the country as they have exported their kids and
bank-accounts to places like Potomac, Maryland.   During Kargil or just
before, there was even a Foreign Minister of theirs talking about nuking
cf my article "Was a Pakistani Grand Strategy Discerned in Time by
in Security and Policy Risk Analysis Bulletin, July 1999.

The alternative to such insane stupidity is my proposed solution "Common

Defence, Common Market, Common J&K", over time-frames of 1 yeyears and 5

years respectively in that order.

If anyone knows any Pakistani e-boards, please do forward this to them.

Subroto Roy

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>Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>As I was saying the low yield nuclear weapons are fundamentally
>different and may not fall under the same treaties for nuclear weapons.

>Here, I am posting a paragraph from the letter issued by the Indian
>Embassy on May 13th, 1998 which is when India performed the second set
>of nuclear tests and are crucial for reactor technology and low yield
>nuclear weapons simulations!!  We WILL perform as many tests as we need

>to for the sake of India's enduring freedom in order to build the best
>weapons program despite the ignorance and arrogance from around the
>world and from within India!
>In continuation of the planned programme of underground nuclear tests
>begun on the 11th of May,  two more sub-kiloton nuclear tests were
>carried out at Pokharan range at 12:21 PM on the 13th of  May, 1998.
>tests have been carried out to generate additional data for improved
>computer simulation of designs and for attaining the capability to
>out subcritical experiments, if  considered necessary. The tests were
>fully contained with no release of radioactivity into the atmosphere.
>Vamsi M.

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