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Chimera of a Muslim Population Growth Rate

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>From: Gaurav Johri:
>And I presume that the Sangh parivar propaganda which is just a little
> >better than the Nazi propaganda...is the truth ????

It is a good thing that the Sangh parivar is a stumbling, bumbling bunch
old fogeys and not the malevolently efficient Nazis.  JNU would have
the first to bite the dust and Gaurav Johri would really have apples to
compare with apples.

>I defer to Bertrand Russell....
>"Why is propaganda so much more successful when it stirs up hatred than

>when it tries to stir up friendly feeling? "

...and here we have the fundamental, self righteous pathology of JNU
justifying propaganda.  The truth emerges.  The purpose of the study was
promote 'friendly feeling' by demonstrating that the growth rate of a
particular community was not as high as alleged.

What a coincidence that the data just 'happened' to fall in the right
way to
justify exactly that conclusion!

If you believe that then I have some prime development land in Kargil


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