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Re: Separation of Quebec?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Sarah wrote:

>Hello, My name is Sarah, and I live in Brookfield, WI.

Hi Sarah.

>I was wondering
>if you could send me some information about the Separation of Quebec?
>If you can't, that's ok, I'm doing a project about the Separation, and
>can't find much!
>These are the subjects:
>!) Why dod they want to separte?
>2) What the results were?  (government thought)
>3) Which people were for which side?
>4) What kind of government or leadership did they want?
>5) What pieces of land did they split it up between?
>Thanx again!

You could try http://www.scottreid.com/parthome.htm. I think chapters 3
to 7
should cover most of the questions you have asked.


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