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Ethnic Cleansing and Human Rights Violation against Minorities

in Bangladesh
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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
           Bangladesh held its national election on October 1 and
        Bangladesh National Party (BNP), led by Ms Khaleda Zia in
        alliance with fundamentalist Jamait-e-Islami, emerged the
        victor.  Immediately savage atrocities were unleashed upon the
        minority Hindu and other religious communities.  Gangs rampaged
        into Hindu localities, looted and burnt down homes, attacked and

        killed people, gang raped women in public, took women as booty,
        and burnt down Hindu temples.  Victims thundered to leave
        Bangladesh and to go to India.  The rampage spread across
        Bangladesh very fast.

           According to the Daily Star and other newspapers, BNP and
        Jamait allies went on a barbaric rampage towards minorities for
        their support of the Awami League.  They gang-raped women
        publicly, gouged eyes, and slaughtered any one in their way.  An

        eyewitness says, "you name any sorts of barbaric misdeeds, these

        Islamic fundamentalists have committed them all."  They have
        even poisoned the ponds so that minorities could not drink the

           Acts of sheer brutality are reported from northern districts
        of Bangladesh.  Hindu minorities are already leaving the
        country.  The indigenous people along with Christians and
        Buddhists are also feeling the heat.  Most of the victims stated

        that no police protection was seen anywhere.  Minorities in
        Bangladesh have no government protection even in normal times
        against rape and abduction, forcible occupation of property and
        business, coercion and forced conversion to Islam.

           Eyewitnesses are afraid that the situation has deteriorated
        so rapidly it may surpass the painful events of Oct '90 or Dec
        '92 when the following activities occurred: three thousand Hindu

        temples were destroyed, thousands of women raped, hundreds of
        thousands of homes burnt and businesses looted and millions of
        Hindus cleansed.  If not intervened it may even touch the
        horrendous 1971 war, when the Pakistani army and Islamic
        Razakars killed close to three million Hindus, raped millions of

        Hindu women, and cleansed ten million Hindus who took refuge in
        secular India.

           However, there is one positive aspect this time; though slim,

        a section of Bangladeshi media is reporting at least a partial
        account of the pogrom at great personal risk.  One can browse
        the following Internet editions for this bold, honest
        journalistic act:

        a. http://www.hrcbm.org/news/janakant_news.html
        b. http://www.hrcbm.org/news/mahyem_ajkerkagaj.html
        c. http://www.dailystarnews.com/200110/18/n1101801.htm
        d. http://www.bangladesh-web.com/news/oct/11/pv4n714.htm
        e. http://independent-bangladesh.com/news/oct/11/11102001ct.htm

           The Human Rights and Women Rights groups are afraid that if
        ethnic cleansing and human rights violations continue, then
        Hindus will be wiped out.  Present government made light of the
        atrocities that encouraged the Islamic fanatics to continue
        terrorizing religious minorities.

           To live a life under Islamic theocracy is a constant
        challenge to a non-Muslim.  Yet, after every few years ethnic
        cleansing, rape and forced conversion takes place.  The same
        thing happened in '92 when Ms Khaleda Zia won her first prime
        ministerial bid.  In such a grave situation human-rights groups,

        media, intellectuals, NGOs and governments of civilized nations
        preferred to remain silent.

           Please sign the petition to the Secretary General of the
        United Nations to act swiftly to stop the carnage, make
        reparations to the victims and initiate ways to stop such
        dehumanizing acts forever in the Islamic theocracy of

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