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Re: the truth about America....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Abhigit:

Refreshing to read your comments not because you support my position but
said it so succinctly.  I read in Ritu's posts, and she is a lone voice
this drama, that there may be something, really something,  we need to
ourselves first, individually and nationally, before we examine other
inadequacies.  I used to think we Bengalis suffer from this
far more than other communities but I am not so sure now after reading
contributions to this forum.  Whether America in particular and the
world in general, become our adversary, our bugaboo, or the influence we

love to hate, it is mutating.  Soon you will no longer be able to play
this familiar foil to generate so much perverse energy.  What shall we
then?  Search frantically for a new candidate to serve as the focus of
projected fears? Let's hope not. Instead, perhaps just perhaps, you will

dispense altogether your need for a scapegoat somewhere else and look
Then may be, we will finally be able to face the enemy within us and
the tricky negotiations that will ultimately lead to a lasting peace.



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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

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> For what it's worth, I second Priyo's comments.
> Yes, hate crimes have been committed and news of this
> has promptly spread across the world. What hasn't been
> reported world-wide (and in the TOI) is the promptness and
> impartiality with which local law enforcement has dealt with these
> isolated incidents. Have the murderers who slaughtered innocent Sikhs
> in Delhi in 1984 been brought to justice? And that's just one riot!
> In a country of 300 million, it is not
> surprising that a few bigots will use sept. 11 as an excuse to assault

> and abuse "non-Americans"; what may be surprising is that not all the
> opportunists are white. Moreover, countless locals have acted with
> kindness towards their Muslim neighbors. Of course, they shall remain
> countless because third world elites (and middle class) would much
> rather
> enumerate America's vices than virtues.
> Indian (and third world) elites love to point out America's faults;
> one wonders why. The reason is simple: envy. Everything about America
> reminds us of how miserably we have failed in our venture to build a
> prosperous, free and civil India. When faced with the truth of this,
> can either a) writhe with envy or b) set about the task of nation
> building
> with renewed vigor. Clearly, we have picked the former.
> Abhijit

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