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Re: the truth about America....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Srinu:

As Ritu said I would have been angry if I am not so thoroughly amused by
your denseness.  You picked up the most insignificant and hilarious part
of my message and that too in the literal sense.  I hope you are in no =

important position to decide on other people's destiny because you have
the ability to screw it up beyond repair by your choice of priorities.
Why did you not comment on the rest of my message and engage in a =
rational debate.  Your language, such as sista and dude and bro, informs
me that you have picked up the worst part of the American street lingo
without its attendant freshness.  For your info, yes, I am a sick dude =

and love it as I have been a bum in the concrete jungles of Bronx in New
York City for a long time and did all the shit thing that is beyond your
comprehension.  It is not easy to intimidate me.  So please put on your
thinking cap once again and read my message, this time seriously and =
carefully, and examine what I wrote made some sense or not.  I would =
accept any constructive criticism or difference of opinion but for god's
sake do not trivialize it.  That is so uncool.



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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

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> Priyo Goswami wrote:
> >  I address this note specifically to you but it is meant for all my
> > who have taken part in this debate.  I enjoyed immensely the  =
exchange of
> > ideas including the designation of an ass kisser from Dr.  Subrata =

Roy.  I
> > however must admit I, see nothing wrong in kissing asses when they =

are round
> > and sexy.  The trouble is that most of them are smelly and have =
holes in
> > them.  Thanks to all.
> > I owe you an apology if my message conveyed an impression that I =
> > Indians based on those unfortunate comments from Vamsi.
> Yo Priyo bro....I must admit that you are a pretty sick dude!  Sorry =

but I
> wouldn't kiss anyone's ass - not servile to anyone!
> - Srinu

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